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Hi – The best way to deal with this is as we outline in the steps that you gently make the loan officer aware that your other offers have better lender fee amounts. I assume you’ve tried this and have determined that they will not budge. It may rely a bit on whether you are dealing with a bank, which has set products of their own, or a mortgage broker, who will be an intermediary between you and the lender. In the case of a bank, they can have some wiggle room to shift fees around, offer different rate/fee combinations, etc. If you are dealing with a mortgage broker, they will be beholden to the terms of the lender and what the lender has fixed. Hope that sheds some light on the factors for you. Your best bet is, if they won’t budge of fees, to ask for other fee/interest rate/other factor combinations and then use our app to compare them. Or, they simply might not be able to budge in which case you make a decision on the offers you have.