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Finding and dealing with loan officers

Now that you’re organized, in the next two sections we are going to 1) help you find loan officers who are best suited to get you the best deal for your particular needs, and 2) walk you through what to ask them so that you can properly assess the best deal for you.

Most people just go with their bank, and it’s been proven that this approach leads to overpaying. Another path is to just go with a single referral from a friend who had a good experience. While you should consider putting this referral in the mix, you should not stop there as you will not have any negotiation power down the road, which means you will likely overpay, too.

The good news is that we have everything you need to find good loan officers and lots of them. After all, there are over 300,000 mortgage loan officers in the United States! We have scripts and a step-by-step process to get the right mix of experts working for you.

Here, we help make it easy.

There are really 2 steps:

  • Find 3-4 appropriate loan officers for your situation
  • Know what to ask them

Are you ready? Let’s find you some appropriate loan officers and ask them some great questions so you can get the best deal!

Let’s get started.

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