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As anyone knows who’s done the simplest search for mortgage rates, credit score is very important to the mortgage process.

Here’s what you need during each phase of the home buying process.

Before you buy your home

By doing some simple and free things, you can absolutely get your credit score up without spending a penny. Here’s a complete guide to boosting your credit score.

Credit Booster

Credit Booster

After much research into what credit repair programs deliver for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, we developed a free, step-by-step program to boost your credit. It includes repairing credit errors, obtaining and tracking your score, and ways to increase your score over time.

You can download the 14-page PDF here, which includes a link to a template.

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During the mortgage process

It’s important that you do all of your shopping around within the same time period, so that your credit isn’t affected by pulls over a long period of time.

You’ve made a smart decision by becoming a Mortgage Genius member. We show you exactly the right sequence and time frame to get your quotes so that your credit isn’t affected.

Mortgage Genius

The magic of this process

First, you get organized, then, we show you exactly how to find the right loan officers for you and ask them the right questions. Then, you have our powerful Mortgage Genius tool that does all the heavy lifting for you and helps you pick a winner. Following this process lets you show effectively, efficiently and without damaging your credit, giving you the best mortgage deal possible. 

Between quote shopping and the closing

Many home buyers make the mistake of thinking that their credit becomes less important after you get your mortgage quotes. But, this is when you want to make sure that you don’t do anything that affects your credit, like buy a car, miss a payment, or add a lot of debt. Your mortgage is secured at the closing table, as that is when the purchase happens, so you want to safeguard your credit all the way through to when you have your new keys in your hand.

From the time you apply for a mortgage to the time that you sign the papers giving you ownership of the home and get your keys (exciting!) you DO NOT want to do any of the following:

Closing credit

What you DO want to do is keep paying your bills on time and maintaining your credit. That way, there will be no surprises when you get to the closing table and the mortgage bank won’t give you a loan because your credit score is now below what it was when you applied for the loan. Avoiding these things and maintaining good credit will help you sail through the closing process!

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